1. Same day dispatch, for ALL order finalised prior to 11:30am on a business day. For a smooth dispatch, we require that all details on you order are correct. This includes your correct telephone contact phone numbers, and delivery addresses. NOTE: We DO NOT ship to PO Box's, please ensure that all these details are correct at the time of the sale to avoid any delivery delays.

2. Due to OH&S, the delivery drive will not enter your home and will only deliver the product or item to the ground floor. If you reside in an apartment, arrangements will need to be made to move the goods from ground level to your level.

3. Please ensure correct telephone number, address (we do not ship to PO Box's) and any special instructions are noted at the time of the sale. To ensure a smooth delivery. Special instructions can be emailed to [email protected], sent via the eBay tab or noted at the time of the sale.

4. We offer FREE TRANSIT INSURANCE at no extra cost. Providing cover for any incidents which may occur during the delivery process, this also includes cover for glass.

5. Estimated delivery times vary depending on your location. Delivery usually takes 3 to 5 business days to most metro locations (same day or next business day for Sydney metro for larger items). Please allow up to 10 business days for delivery, especially for any cases of delay. Please contact us if your product or item has not arrived after this time. For courier peak seasons, such as the pre- Christmas period, please allow extra turnaround times for all deliveries. For smaller items delivered to Sydney metro, we use a next day courier service to reduce delivery costs.

6. As we generally ship larger items, delivery costs are based on the packaging of the item and the location of where the item is being delivered. Each item purchased attracts a seperate delivery charge. We will offer you a shipping discount on each additional item or product purchased.

7. Due to OH&S, if any item or product is large or heavy, you must ensure that there is an able bodied person available at the time and place of delivery, to assist our delivery man with the delivery of the item or product. If no one is available to assist the driver, we can organise an additional driver at an extra charge.

8. Subject to the terms and conditions, we will supply to you the items and products indicated in your order confirmation

9. We will withhold delivery of any item or product until you have paid everything owing to us. Please Note: Payment via Direct Deposit, Internet Transfer or Cheque may take several days to be processed.

10. We will endeavour to deliver the products on or before the delivery date indicated in your order confirmation, however you acknowledge that the delivery date indicated in your order confirmation is an estimate only.

11. We will deliver the items or products in your order confirmation to the address nominated to us for the delivery of your product, as provided by you when you use the services (the delivery address).

12. We reserve the right to charge you for any additional costs incurred in the re-delivery of the item or products indicated in your order confirmation if: (a) After confirming the delivery date with you, there is no person at the delivery address to receive the item or products or no person at the delivery address that is able to sign any consignment note indicating that the item or product has been received; (b) Through no fault of our deliveryman, they are not able to unload or deliver the item or product ordered to the delivery address (such as there being no person to assist if the item or product is large or heavy, or if there is a hostile animal on the premises); or (c) The delivery address is incorrect.

13. We will not deliver any item or product: (a) To any location outside of Australia; or (b) On weekends or after normal business hours (generally 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday).

14. As per our Deluxe Products delivery policy, it is highly important that if you suspect the item may have been significantly damaged in transit that you do not sign for and accept the delivery. Possible signs of damage maybe crushed or torn cartons or any other obvious damage marks. Items are generally dispatched from our warehouse in perfect condition unless otherwise advised prior to the sale. The best way to avoid receivng a damaged item is to refuse any article which has significant signs of damage. It is in your best interest to refuse delivery, and instruct the delivery driver to return the item to Deluxe Products and to contact us at your earliest convenience. Doing this will avoid any delays in the shipment of the undamaged item/ product and any extra costs which may incur.