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Dynamic Pricing

Welcome to our Dynamic Pricing page!  This is where you will find the hottest selling items and latest products in Australia.  Due to high demand we sometimes find ourselves out of stock of a product before the next shipment arrives. You may find some of these products listed here.  Sometimes we will list new models that you can order before they come off the production lines.  The prices start at our factory cost and increase as each order is received and as we get closer to the dispatch date. Your dynamic price can be locked in once checkout is completed.  Be quick - this is based on a first in best dressed system.

Note: Dynamic Pricing is available for online purchases only. Strictly limited to one item per customer.  Orders of multiple items will be cancelled without notice.  If you have received a notification about a product being listed here but don't see it, please refresh your browser at the specified start time.

On Dynamic $239.04
Expected Dispatch Date: 01-Jul-2017
On Dynamic $160.87
Expected Dispatch Date: 01-Jul-2017

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