1. The Length of warranty is determined as specified on the listing. 3 Years Structural warranty applies for Outdoor Furniture products. Structural warranty does not cover wicker or parts but underlying structure only. Extended warranty is not available on our items.

2. All Warranty claims must be submitted in writing (or via email). In most cases a minor adjustment will be recommended or a replacement part sent out to you. If you choose to return the item to us for repairs, please ensure that it is properly packaged to prevent damage during shipping. In this case you would be responsible for inbound shipping, and we would pay for the return shipping to you if the item is found to be defective. If the item cannot be repaired or parts are not available we may, at our discretion, offer a replacement item or refund.

3. In addition to any voluntary warranties offered by the manufacturer, statutory conditions and warranties apply and nothing in this agreement excludes the application of those statutory conditions and warranties.

4. At our discretion, we will refund, repair, or replace any item or products that: (a) Does not match the description provided on the site; (b) Is not fit for the purpose as described on the site; or (c) Is not of merchantable quality (e.g. Is defective, or is "Dead on Arrival").

5. If in accordance with the warranty under this agreement, a repair is approved for the item or product and that repair may be affected by simple replacement of a particular part or component of the item or product, then we may, at our discretion, send you the replacement part or component to repair the item or product, at our own cost.

6. If any item is returned to us for refund, repair, or replacement, you must return it to us, at your own cost, and ensure that the item is properly packaged to prevent any damage during transit. We will not be responsible for any damage to the item or product during transit.

7. If, after examining or assessing the item or product, and we determine that there has been no breach of our warranty: (a) We reserve the right to charge you for any reasonable costs incurred in the examination or assessment of any item or product, including but not limited to any costs incurred in sending an on-site technician to examine or assess the item or product; and (b) We reserve the right to charge you for any re-delivery costs incurred to return the item or product to you.

8. All our items come with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (excludes delivery charges). When returning goods, items must be in it's original condition and packaging. Return freight is the responsibility of the buyer. These Terms and Conditions shall be goverened by and construed in accordance with the laws of New South Wales and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales.

9. Our VinoVault wine fridges come with an ON-SITE WARRANTY. In the rare case that service is required to one of these products within the warranty period, we will organise a technician to come to you, if the product is foudn to be faulty, we will have it repaired at our expense. Please Note: If no fault is found, we will not be responsible for any technician fees.

10. As per our Deluxe Products delivery policy (please read), it is highly important that if you suspect the item may have been significantly damaged in transit, that you do not sign for and accept the delivery. Possible signs of damage may be crushed or torn cartons or any other obvious damage marks. Items are generally dispatched from our warehouse in perfect condition, unless otherwise advised prior to the sale. The best way to avoid receiving a damaged item is to refuse any article which has significant signs of damage. It is in your best interest to refuse delivey, and instruct the delivery driver to return the item to Deluxe Products and to contact us at your earliest convenience. Doing this will help to avoid any delays in the shipment of the undamaged article and any exra costs which may have incurred.

11. Once an item is off the truck and signed as "Good Condition", whilst it is obvious that damage would have been caused to the item during transit. We will cover the replacement costs of the item, however is will be the responsibilty of the receiver (customer) to accept ALL costs relating to the shipment of the replacement item (shipping costs back to base and back to you) or the costs associated with the shipment of any parts relating to the incident. If there are minor damages on the item and you feel that this would not have affected the item in any way and you are happy to sign the proof of delivey, please cross out "GOOD CONDITION" on the proof of delivery (POD) and mark "RECEIVED AS DAMAGED". It is very important that you comply with this procedure, to avoid any unnecessary extra charges upon delivery of your goods; Deluxe Products will not take any responsibilty for any extra shipping costs incurred.

12. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, is offered with our Bio-Ethanol Fireplace range, once lit this affects the original condition of the item. We are happy to refund the cost of the item, however the cost of the burner box will not be refunded (between $60-$75). If you are not happy with the item please DO NOT LIGHT as per our 30 Day Money Back policy, where the item MUST be returned in ORIGINAL CONDITION.